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The New Orleans French Quarter Real Estate Market  is comprised of mostly condos and a few homes.  The vast majority of condos are used as second homes.  Parking is limited and most condos will not have parking. Many park in nearby lots or do not even bring cars with them as everything is within walking distance to their condo.  The prices per square foot of the condos are going to be the highest in New Orleans as the French Quarter has no more room.  The French Quarter is almost 300 years old as it was where New Orleans began The styles and types of units are going to vary greatly in style.  Few of the associations were built as condos.  Most were converted from other uses. There are some larger complexes but most of the associations are small with many having from 4-8 units. The historic nature of the building is what people like.  Having hidden courtyards, fountains, balconies, hanging baskets and views all add to the allure of having a second home in the French Quarter Most of the condos are going to be smaller than other ares of town but when people visit New Orleans they tend to be out and about much more.  There are plenty of things to do and see within 10 blocks of your condo.  The more desirable features of a condo here is to have a balcony that overlooks the street. These do become pricey because there are just not that many to be had.  The features people like is to have that courtyard right out your from door with fountains and pools.

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