River Gardens Condos

732 Cherokee Street., New Orleans, LA 70115
Garden District/Uptown

About River Gardens Condos

The River Garden Condos at the corner of Maple and Cherokee are 26 units of moderately priced condos. Most of the units are similar in size and style. The condos are 600 sq. ft. of living space. The three story building has most of the units opening to a courtyard that opens into the parking lot. 

The Condos were once apartments. There is an elevator as you enter the courtyard. If the River Garden condos have a negative it is that there is a central laundry facility on the first floor and that the units do not have their own washer or dryer.  The can easily be offset from the moderate condo fees and moderate selling prices.

 Over time many of the units  have been upgraded in different degrees and that is what will make the prices different from each other.

These units offer a great opportunity to own a small condo near the Universities of Tulane and Loyola in a safe and secure location where it is an easy walk to the streetcar line and many retail places on Maple Street. Seldom do you get moderately priced units in such a location with gated parking and moderate condo fees.

Great location in the University section of New Orleans on the corner of Maple Street and Cherokee. The entrance is on Cherokee with the parking entrance on Maple. If you are going to Tulane or Loyola, then you can walk to most places including Loyola University, Loyola Law School, and Tulane University. This is a popular area for coffee shops, restaurants, shops and of course watering holes.

732 Cherokee Condos Front
Corner of Cherokee and Maple Street
River Garden Condos
The River Garden Condos courtyard
Staircase to second floor units
Parking Lot 732 Cherokee
Parking lot is secure, enter from Maple Street
Restaurant on Maple Street
Various restaurants to choose from on Maple Street
Open air cafe on Maple Street
Sandwhich Shop on Maple
Sandwhich Shop on Maple Street
Window Shopping on Maple Street
Window Shopping on Maple Street
Crescent Title Maple Street
You can walk to your closing at Crescent Title, one of the best!
Lots of upscale historic homes in the neighborhood

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Rêve Realtors

Broker: Reve Realtors
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New Orleans, LA 70115
O: 504.300.0700

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