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coliseum cottage in the lower garden district

Rich in history

Live amongst the oaks

The Lower Garden District was one of the first neighborhoods in New Orleans.  It was once home to plantations and larger estates.  The area is very historic as you will see with all my photos of the area. The area starts with the end of the New Orleans Warehouse District and ends with the beginning of the Garden District at Jackson Avenue.  The Condo market is going to vary greatly in this area with style and type of complexes.  The larger complexes were built in the 1970’s on St. Charles Ave.  Thirty years ago only older people lived in condos in retirement.  That has now changed as housing prices have sky rocketed leaving condos a great alternative.

Many of the complexes were not built as condos but converted from apartments, multifamily units, old homes and shells of old buildings. In the Lower Garden District you really begin to feel the neighborhood.  You are between Magazine Street and St. Charles Ave. in most cases. You are close to everything. You get more for your money and you actually have more to do as an owner.  Parking is generally easy and most complexes come with parking.  If they do not street parking is easy.

Catch the St. Charles Streetcar to Uptown or to the French Quarter.  The French Quarter is just a long walk away.  Walk to Magazine Street to visit shops, eats, and drinks that can only be found in New Orleans.  If you like historic homes and condos this is an area to learn about.

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1750 St. Charles Condos
1224 St. Charles Ave Condos
1224 Condos St. Charles
1224 St. Charles Ave Condos
1205 St. Charles Condos
The Carol Condos 2100 St. Charles Ave
The Carol Condos
1129 Jackson Ave. Condos Four Seasons Condos
Four Seasons Condos
1441 Jackson Ave. Condos
1441 Jackson Condos
Lafayette Oaks Condos 1436 Jackson Avenue
Lafayette Oaks Condos
1430 Jackson Ave. Condos
1430 Jackson Ave. Condos
1446 Camp Street Condos
1446 Camp St. Condos
1544 Camp St. Condos
1544 Camp Street Condos
The Victorian Condos 1629 Coliseum Street
The Victorian Condos
Mayfair Condos Coliseum
Mayfair Condos
1803 Coliseum Condos
1805 Coliseum Condos
1122 Felicity St. Condos
1122 Felicity St. Condos
1118 Orange St. Condos
1118 Orange St. Condos
1520 St. Mary Condos
1520 St. Mary Condos
1329 St. Andrews New Orleans Condos
1329 St. Andrews Condos
1326 St. Andrews Condos
1326 St. Andrews Condos
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