Mid-City/Bayou St. John

New Orleans

Parkview St. John View of Bayou

Along the bayou

City Park

     Mid-City by City Park is another area on the move and offers some condos that are close to the city but are within walking distance to City Park along Bayou St. John.  The area is becoming more and more popular and it is hard to find homes for sale. 

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Parkview St. John Condos 4000 Davey St.
Parkview St. John Condos
Villa St. John Condos 818 Moss Street
Villa St. John Condos
3009-3011 Desoto Condos
3009-3011 Desoto Condos
Provincial Condos
Marcus Bouler

Rêve Realtors

Broker: Reve Realtors
1477 Louisiana Ave. Suite 101
New Orleans, LA 70115
O: 504.300.0700

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