The Garden District & Uptown

New Orleans

From Jackson Avenue to the Universities

Full of color and history

The Garden District in New Orleans is among the most impressive  neighborhoods in the United States in terms of historic homes and gardens of all styles.  New Orleans was one of the wealthiest cities in the 1850’s  when many homes in this neighborhood began.

Many of the condos you will see on St. Charles Avenue were conversions of apartments built during the 1970’s that were later turned into condos.

There are a few homes that were turned into condos that will really give you that historic feel of New Orleans. These conversions are not the norm on St. Charles Ave.  One of the neatest conversions are the 1920 to 1930 small apartment complexes that have been converted into condos.

The Magazine Street Condos are on the edge of the Garden District and almost all of the are conversions from apartments and old homes. They all have that historic appeal and many historic features like high ceilings, wood floors, old fireplaces, large windows, and historic woodwork.

As you get closer to Audubon Park you find fewer condos along St. Charles Ave.  You find them in neighborhoods around Audubon Park and the Universities. The University area is home to Tulane University and Loyola University. Both Universities have Law Schools and many graduate programs. The LSU and Tulane Medical Schools are about 70 blocks away.  Many Medical Students buy in this area and areas between the Medical schools

Find your condo in the Garden District & Uptown

St. Elizabeth Condos 1314 Napoleon Ave
St. Elizabeths Condos
Napoleon Ave. Condos 1620 Napoleon Ave
Napoleon Court Condos
3400 Magazine Condos
3400 Magazine Condos
Charles House Condos 3000 St. Charles Ave.
Charles House Condos
Andrew Jackson Condos 1550 Second Street
Andrew Jackson Condos
3201 St. Charles Condos
St. Charles Gardens 3915 St. Charles Ave.
St. Charles Gardens
4007 St. Charles Condos 4007 St. Charles Ave.
4007 St. Charles Condos
Commodore Condos 3300 St. Charles Ave.
Commodore Condos
The Hawthorne Condos 4219 St. Charles Ave
The Hawthorne Condos
2336 Magazine Street Condos
2336 Magazine Street Condos
2412 Magazine St.
2512 Magazine St. Condos
7444 St. Charles Ave Condos
7444 St. Charles Ave. Condos
River Bend Condos 248 Cherokee
River Bend Condos
The Upperline Condos
8416 Oak Street Condos
8416 Oak Street Condos
733 Cherokee Condos
Park VII Condos 170 Walnut Street
Park VII Condos
4716 Annunciation Condo
4716 Annunciation Condo
Cabana Club Gardens 2833 St. Charles Ave.
Cabana Club Gardens

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